Services and Offerings:

Basic: Our basic service is a listing and ad on one of our city directory category pages. We link to your website, or if you don't have your own site, included in this package is a simple one page website. An example address (URL) of your business website would be:

We are constantly optimizing and registering our pages with all the national search engines — optimization most small businesses can't afford on their own. By linking with us, you're greatly increasing the likelihood of people looking for vendors or services finding your website.

Business Card $100 per year

1/4 page Ad $175 per year

1/2 page Ad $350 per year

Discounts on multiple ads/directory placement.


Domain Registration: We can register your domain name, which includes a free text link, cheaper than most of our competition, (Network Solutions $35, $30).

Domain Registration $25 per year

Search Engine Registration: We can register your index page and optimize your tags to achieve the best results in search engine displays.

Search Engine Registration $50 one time

Search Engine Registration $300 per month (50% discount!)


Programming: We offer a wide range of internet services, from simple static information only sites that seldom change to dynamically updated information pages or complete website design. Please inquire for quotes on specific jobs.


Contact your local sales representative directly for more information and quotes on multiple ads or programming: Portland, Salem, Albany, Corvallis and Eugene. We look forward to hearing from you.

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